VP Internal:

  •  *Christina Zeuner
  • Abdulla Al-Gailani


VP Communications:

  • Elizabeth Ng
  • Anand Ravichandran


VP Finance:

  • Zair Naim,
  • Jacoby Joukema
  • *Andy Kwok


VP Fundraising:

  • *Jacoby Joukema
  • Haque Shahamat


VP Chapter Engagement:

  • Christina Zeuner
  • Andy Kwok
  • Husain Tapia
  • Hayya Usmani
  • Haque Shahamat


VP Outreach:

  • *Haque Shahamat & *Hayya Usmani
  • Jean Wang & Neha Malhotra
  • Andy Kwok
  • Maria Tauqir


VP Awareness:

  • Haque Shahamat & Hayya Usmani


* indicates top choice for those interested in running for multiple positions


Christina Zeuner:

Hi my name is Christina and I would love to be the 2016-2017 VP Internal for EWB! I am very passionate about EWB and believe that I will be able to do a great job in the VP Internal position. I started as a fair trade team member four years ago with the Carleton University chapter and since have been on the fair trade and global engineering team at Mac. This past year I was a co-vp of the Promotions team and an office manager. As VP Internal I will do my best to improve communication throughout our chapter by building off of experience and will continue to make improvements in the office. Some of the things I hope to do in the office are put up venture information posters, solidify the office hour structure, and replace all the super old wooden chairs. Outside the office I hope to be able to connect with all levels in our chapter and become a contact with which anyone can present their ideas or concerns. As this is a new position in the chapter it will be an experiment and I am willing to work hard to develop the dream that is VP Internal.

I am also running for VP Chapter Engagement, because I really want to be part of the VP team next year and I think I could think up some fun member learning sessions and socials.


Elizabeth Ng:

The Future VP Communications: A Haiku


Liz can write and draw

Even if she’s quite sassy

You should vote for her


Zair Naim:

Hey Buddies,

I would like to run for VP Finance during this time of transition for the chapter. I feel that someone who has already had the position would be ideal person to handle the finances during transition. Under my watch we transitioned to a single budget timeline as opposed to running to separate budgets. This helped to significantly simplify our finances and to increase transparency. We also kept our financials up to date every month to massively simplify transitioning between exec.


Haque Shahamat & Hayya Usmani:

Choice #1: Co-VPs Outreach

We are running for Co-VPs Outreach together because we bring different skills to the table that we know will complement each other very well. Both of us have been part of the chapter for over two years, which makes us familiar with the organization’s vision and the ways we handle projects.

Message from Hayya: “From transitioning from the branding team to becoming an executive for member learning, I have learned so much about what EWB does and how the team works and strives to be more prominent and effective with their initiatives. I have seen people come and go but the determination of every individual is consistent with the ties of the club. Co-ing with Haque for VP Outreach for the 2016-2017 year will help engage our chapter and influence others to strive to solve challenging problems.”

Message from Haque: “Having been in charge of GE for the last year, I learned a lot about organization and the importance of getting things done before time, as there are always minor kinks to fix at the last moment. Being Co-Lead for SDDW (I can’t call it GEC, deal with it) with MacGreen taught me a lot about keeping a team motivated, as well how lots of the administration at McMaster work. With someone as awesome as Hayya as my Co, I know we will be able to combine our skills and provide great support to the directors and general members we will be responsible for.”

Our work dynamic will provide EWB with resources and new ideas to use throughout the club. We are confident in the work that we will do and we hope that by this time next year, EWB is continuing to surpass its potential for change

Choice #2: Co-VPs Awareness

*similar reasons as mentioned above*

Hayya’s Choice #3: VP Chapter Engagement

Haque’s Choice #3: VP Fundraising/VP Chapter Engagement/Poster child


Jean Wang & Neha Malhotra

Jean & Neha’s Platform


Jacoby Joukema

        As the outgoing VP Administration I have been actively involved in ensuring that the McMaster chapter is able to function behind the scenes and I want to take on a more impactful role in the near future.  This year has really helped me develop organization and communication skills that will be necessary in order to be effective in both of these roles.

        VP Fundraising is a role that almost entirely made up of organization, communication and time management all of which I have displayed during my time as VP Administration.  As VP Fundraising I plan to finish our commitment to It Takes a Village and continue to generate income for the chapter to facilitate the growth of the new structure.  This year fundraising was taken to the next level and I plan to continue to help develop our chapter’s fundraising goals and expectations.  I hope to achieve this by organizing smaller scale fundraising events in between large ones such as R2EP and continuing to build on our successful fundraisers.  By scheduling smaller events with less overhead in-between larger ones the chapter will be able to develop a low constant income and not have to rely and large amounts raised every so often.

As VP Fundraising I plan to take a more active role in budget management in order to ensure that allocated money is being put to good use.  I also want to be able to support any projects that new directors may wish to take on by rebalancing the allocation of financial resources to the director teams and increasing the contingency fund which will allow for the dynamic distribution of funds during the year.


Anand Ravichandran

Anand’s Platform


Andy Kwok

Hi my name is Andy Kwok, I want to become the VP with Engineers without Borders. My top choices are VP Finance, VP Chapter Engagement and VP outreach. With my past experiences, I’m very confident to perform the tasks that are required for this position of VP finance. I have previous experience with Engineers without Borders from being in global engineering and being apart of the team for the global engineering conference. I have a strong understanding of Engineers without Borders and will benefit from being apart of Engineers without Borders. I will work very hard with the president to make Engineers without Borders even better! A vote for me is a vote you!


Husain Tapia

Husain’s Platform


Abdulla Al-Gailani

My name is Abdulla, and I’m running for VP Internal(VPI) position to ensure we have a more positive year next year. VPI position provides important logistical support for all of our teams, some that support includes, receives feedback/input from new members, space to host meeting or events, and assisting with Returning Junior Fellow. This year I had the opportunity to co-vp our Fair Trade team, where I learned about Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and the unique way EWB works to solve big challenges. I also learned about what it takes for the group of amazing EWBers(a group of amazing people involved in EWB) from logistic support to providing last minute support for an important project. We have amazing teams that focus on engaging students to solve important challenges we face. I’m committed to helping EWBers do more; we have plenty of resources as a chapter regarding space or resources. My goals are to make this more accessible and impactful.

My email is algailani.abdulla@gmail.com.

Feel free to contact me


Maria Tauqir

My name is Maria Tauqir and I am interested in running for VP Outreach in Engineers Without Borders. Over this past year I have been a member of the promotions team for the annual Global Engineer Conference. As a promotions team member, I designed the SDDW 2016 ticket illustration and collaborated with my team to compose a kick-ass website, Facebook event page, promotional videos, and much more. I have had an amazing experience and would love to have the opportunity to continue working and grow within EWB- McMaster Chapter. I have served as the Director of Publications (McMaster MSA) in the past and am currently serving as the VP of Internal Communications (McMaster Design and Art Association). I believe that my leadership experiences have equipped me with the communication, organizational, problem solving, interpersonal, and creative thinking skills required for the VP Outreach position. I am confident that I will exceed your expectations in this role. Thank you for considering me for this role. I look forward to the elections on March 2nd. Thank you and take care.


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