2017-2018 Executive Candidates


VP Chapter & Community Engagement

  • Husain Tapia *

VP Programming & Administration:

  • Affan Rehman

 VP Finance

  • Lina Kabbani
  • Francesco Vito

VP Fundraising

  • Ayza Alam

 VP Evolving Engineering

  • Maria Tauqir and Hayya Usmani *

VP Food Systems & Poverty

  • Francesco Vito *
  • Hayya Usmani

VP National & International Development Policy

  • Jean Wang & Annie Yu

* Indicates top choice for those interested in running for multiple positions





 Ayza AlamVP Fundraising:

Why am I running for this post? I have been a part of the EWB fundraising team for a while. The fact that what we do is for such an amazing cause really makes me want to be more involved. The money that we collect, the people that we help and the ventures that EWB supports, knowing that I can play a role in this, even if it’s small, makes me want to continue being a part of this amazing team.


Husain Tapia:  VP Chapter & Community Engagement (first choice) & VP Programming & Administration:

This year as the person in charge of the weekly member learning sessions, I have developed a keen understanding of how ML sessions work. Over the year I have experimented and tried to implement ML sessions that work around central topics and ones that tie into what was being discussed in previous ML sessions. I believe I have the experience to guide the other VPs with their ML sessions and to help them deliver more informative ML sessions. On the other hand, I am very interested in increasing our community engagement especially throughout iGNITE initiative. I look forward to working with others to see how such a project can be implemented and become the next big thing EWB McMaster is known for. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them!

I feel that being a VP this year has really given me a better understanding of our chapter’s inner workings. This year, I truly understood the purpose of the EWB office and took full advantage of the resources it the office brings! And next year I hope to make the office everyone else’s second home on campus! I feel that the VP of Programming and Administration is meant to be accessible to better serve the chapter. In that regard I feel that I am the best mix of both (a veteran EWBer and yet someone who remembers joining EWB as a shy first year). In that sense I hope that I can play a supportive role to all of EWB’s teams so that they may reach their full potentials! If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them!

Francesco VitoVP Food Systems and Poverty (first choice) & VP Finance:

Hi Friends, my name is Francesco Vito, and I’m excited to be running to be your next VP Food Systems and Poverty for next year. Why vote for me? Well I have a passion for EWB and Fair Trade, as this past year I was the Director of Fair Trade Events; this position allowed me to help lead a Fair Trade team to set up cool events like the Fair Trade Coffee House, and also to help move McMaster toward becoming Fair Trade Certified! If given the opportunity to be VP Food Systems and Poverty, I would make sure to help coordinate the Director of Fair Trade, and the Director of Sustainability so that we could move toward Mac being a Fair Trade campus, and a more sustainable one. Whether this be through further talks with Hospitality Services, or more innovative events on campus, I believe we can make a difference next year.

In addition, I have interest in running for VP Finance as my second choice, as I have previous experience managing a budget as the Director of Fair Trade with EWB, and the Director of Sport with the MES. Through working with this year’s new president’s, I believe that if elected VP Finance next year, I will be able to effectively execute the tasks for this position.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day 😊


Jean Wang & Annie YuVP National & International Development Policy:

About Us

Jean is a 3rd year student in the Health Sciences Program, Global Health Specialization. She has been a part of EWB for three years and she loves the positive, inspiring environment of the McMaster Chapter. She has been involved with the advocacy team for three years, both as a former team leader (director) and VP Awareness. She has also helped with the Global Engineering team as well as the GEC promotions team. In her spare time, she likes to do photography, run, and play guitar.

Currently in her second year of the Health Sciences program, Annie is honoured to have been involved with EWB as one of the Advocacy Events Directors. She is motivated by EWB’s goal of tackling systemic causes of poverty and is constantly learning from the passionate individuals that she met through the chapter. She cherishes the support that EWB members have given her and hopes to further share her fervor for sustainable development with the McMaster community. Outside of school, Annie enjoys reading fiction, watching movies, and trying new restaurants around Hamilton.

Why are we running?

We are passionate about international development and engagement with youth! Given that EWB does a great job of investing in people, we want to tap into that potential and continue to empower others through the advocacy team. As previous VP and Directors in the advocacy pillar, we are confident in our skillsets and look forward to making next year’s EWB the best one yet!


  1. Communication – Improve communication between directors and VPs through frequent updates and online discussion
  2. Campus presence – Increase our visibility and reach on campus through outreach campaigns and programs (more workshops, strengthen partnerships with MSU and other campus clubs)
  3. Connection & Cohesion – Raise awareness of national office programs & campaigns amongst other execs and general members


Maria Tauqir and Hayya Usmani VP Evolving Engineering (first choice for Hayya):

Hello! Our names are Hayya Usmani and Maria Tauqir and we are running as Co-VP’s of Evolving Engineering.

We have had the pleasure of working in the Evolving Engineering team in the past (Maria was the Co-Director of the Global Engineering Conference and Hayya was the Co-VP of Evolving Engineering over the past year) and are extremely passionate about what Evolving Engineering and Engineers Without Borders can bring to the local, international, and global community at large.  With the exceptional leadership that we have shown during our time with EWB, we are more than certain that our skill sets and partnership can help develop Evolving Engineering to enhance outreach, collaboration, and bring unique initiatives to the table.
Hayya Usmani VP Food Systems and Poverty:
With this being my fourth year in Engineers Without Borders, I am more than excited to apply for a role that I haven’t explored in EWB before. With a background in Engineering and an interest in sustainable development (my minor of interest), I am intrigued in learning about how I can integrate innovation, creativity and collaboration into this new VP role. Due to the fact that the sustainability initiative is very new to EWB, I would be honored to use my knowledge, connections and passion projects to further this initiative at McMaster. Moreover, I am excited to see more partnerships form in the coming year that will be vital to enhancing the importance of sustainability in our university experiences and our day to day lives.

Lina Kabbani: VP Finance:

Hi everyone, my name is Lina Kabbani. I am running for the position of VP Finance.

I have been a part of EWB for the past two years and I have grown to know a lot of amazing individuals and work alongside with them. I believe I have gathered a great experience through my involvement in GE and GEC. I have finance experience where I managed the GEC 2017 budget and sought out funding to deliver our project on time and within budget. I also have some financial experience through the Co-op position that I hold. My goal for 2017-2018 is to work with our presidents to make sure our chapter’s and teams’ financial needs are satisfied. I would also like to look at other options for our bank account to reduce our fees and/or implement the idea of online transfers to make reimbursements easier. Please feel free to email me at kabbanl@mcmaster.ca if you have any questions or concerns!

Affan Rehman: VP Programming & Admin: 

I want to apply for the VP Programming and Administration 2017-2018 executive position. Platform: I have been working as an intern at Apotex since September 2016, where one of my roles is being a facilitator/administrator for my department of over 30 individuals. I firmly believe that if elected as the VP Programming and Administration I will be able to use the skills that I have learned at my internship to better facilitate the progress of various future initiatives that will be taken by EWB. My experience with EWB previously was in Global Engineering Outreach as well as organizing the GEC 2016. I was part of the scheduling team of GEC 2016 where I learned about organizing various events and executing them efficiently. I believe that this position will allow me to become better acquainted with EWB McMaster as a whole which is something I’m looking forward to. I am very interested in developing more community engagement programs and assisting members in any new initiatives as well as helping the directors who will be reporting to me accomplish their directives to perfection. My goal in this role would be to successfully help all members and executives in EWB McMaster to live up to their potential and execute their visions for change across the campus as well as in our community. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message, id love to hear from you.



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