Advocacy – Get Involved

Get Involved at McMaster!

There’s lots to do on the Advocacy team and a lot of opportunity to take on leadership roles

Key Advocacy goals for this year: International development & global poverty reduction are significant issues in the 2015 Canadian federal election

  • Since the elections are coming up in spring of 2015 our goal will be to ensure that all 3 major political parties address issues related to international development and global poverty reduction
  • We want to do this by:
    • Meeting MPs in our riding to talk about issues important to EWB
    • Sharing information about the election, international development, foreign aid, and our advocacy campaigns in general with the rest of our chapter as well as McMaster/Hamilton communities
    • Organizing a creative event on campus/in Hamilton to engage young Canadians about Global Development and Foreign Policy

You should join the EWB Advocacy team if:

  • You have an interest in foreign policy and global development
  • You would like to learn more about foreign policy and global development
  • You would like to be actively involved in coming up with and/or carrying out creative events on campus and in Hamilton to get more people engaged


The advocacy team is looking for members to help out with creative events, letter writing campaigns, petitions, and meeting with local MP’s. Be a part of a national network of EWBers aiming for large scale impact. For more information contact Jean Wang or Neha Malhotra at


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