Meet the Executive Team!



Hi everyone! My name is Nick Sully and I am one of the Co-Presidents for EWB for 2015-2016. This will be my fifth year at McMaster and I’m studying Civil Engineering and Society. This is my third year with EWB. Last year I was the Vice President of Fair Trade and I was also very involved with the Global Engineering team. I am very passionate about fair trade and ethical purchasing and the influence that our purchasing power has on the lives of workers in developing nations. Global Engineering is another strong area of interest for me. Creating a generation of more responsible and socially-minded global engineers is a long-term project that could have a large positive impact on the engineering profession and our society. I’m very excited for this year! We have big plans and amazing people to achieve our goals. If you want to chat about how to get involved with EWB, send me an email at nicksully@ewb.ca.
Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen Johnson and I am Co-President of the EWB McMaster Chapter this year. I am in fourth year Civil Engineering and Society minoring in Geography and Earth Science. I have been involved with EWB since 2012 and I am very passionate about the goals EWB Canada and our McMaster Chapter work towards. Past executive roles I have held in the Chapter include Co-VP Fair Trade and VP Administration. Other interests of mine include running, playing squash, camping, and writing. Feel free to contact me at kathleenjohnson@ewb.ca if you have any questions!



Hello everyone! I’m Anand (Mechatronics Eng) and I’m the VP of Communications. I’m responsible for managing our social media as well as our website. Come talk to me or shoot me an email at ravichas@mcmaster.ca about anything EWB or Engineering related 🙂

My name is Abdulla and I’m a 3rd year Mechanical engineering & Society student. I got involved with EWB recently, but in a short period, I have seen the wonderful and impactful things they do. I’m interested in Fair Trade products and the benefits they bring to consumers and producers. We all drink coffee or tea daily, what if this simple habit helped create more justice in developing countries. This is my view about Fair Trade, and I’m hoping to bring this message to other. I’m a super chilled person, I love meditation and running. My favourite food is French fries aka finger chips. I’m a huge soccer and tennis fan; Roger Federer and Man United are the best. Easiest way to get in touch is FairTradeMac@gmail.com, and Fair Trade at Mac facebook page.


Hello! I’m Carly Mason and I am one of this year’s Co-Vice Presidents of Fair Trade! I am entering my fourth year of Civil Engineering and Management, I especially enjoy my water and accounting courses. Some of my hobbies include reading, learning new things, and pole dancing. I joined EWB this past September and became involved with the Fair Trade team. My goal is to create a plan for the Fair Trade team to increase awareness and get a Fair Trade or Ethical Purchasing policy on campus. Fair Trade and Ethical Purchasing can be used to drive change in developing countries. There is a lot of potential to improve the quality of people’s lives and make a difference. If you want to know more about Fair Trade feel free to e-mail us at fairtrademacewb@gmail.com!


Hi All, my name is Christina Zeuner and I’m a co-executive for the Promotions Team this year! I’m studying Chemical Engineering and Society with a minor in Anthropology and going into my third year at Mac. I started at Carleton University in their engineering department and then transferred to Mac because, well, Mac is a pretty great school that happens to offer chemical engineering. This will be my fourth year being apart of EWB, previously I’ve been a general member of both the Fair Trade Team and the Global Engineering Team. I’ve really enjoyed being a general member and helping out with all the tabling events and workshops that EWB has done in the past and I’m excited to be able to contribute more to EWB as an executive. Some other fun facts about myself: I like longboarding, snowboarding, kayaking, and rock climbing. I have a first-degree black belt in taekwondo and I spent this past summer in Pursat, Cambodia working for an NGO called HOPE International Development Agency.


Hey! My name is Liz and I’ll be your other co-executive for Promotions. I’m in my third year of Mechanical Engineering & Society with a minor in Economics and I joined EWB last year when Christina dragged me to a Global Engineering meeting without really telling me what it was all about. Spoilers: I learned that EWB McMaster is awesome and since then I’ve gotten to know the incredible people that hold the Global Engineering Conference, head up the Fair Trade pushers, and create the awesome workshops held in classrooms all around Hamilton. I’ve also gotten involved in some really cool events throughout the year and I’ve loved every second of it. Keep an eye out for snazzy posters and rad swag throughout the year; that’s what your friendly neighbourhood Promotions Team is here for!
A few things you should know about me and life in general:
-I like travelling, playing any musical instrument I can get my hands on, rock climbing, longboarding (who do you think taught Christina?), and eating delicious food.
-Nick and Kathleen have the power to make all your dreams come true.
-One time I saved a dragonfly that was trapped in a volleyball net but my team still lost the game, so I’m still waiting for the universe to balance itself out.
-I’ve recently started a collection of tank tops with pineapples on them and I would appreciate any contributions. Small or medium should do.

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