Junior Fellow Program

What is it?


The Junior Fellowship program is not your average internship. It is 18 months of leadership through experience in which you will be challenged to learn, act and create change.

We invest in you through leadership coaching, strategic preparation for your placement, and continuous mentorship. We challenge you and support you to reach your full potential. The Junior Fellowship program has been a transformational experience for many past participants.

As a Junior Fellow, you’ll become a short-term team member with one of EWB’s Ventures in Canada or in Africa, or with one of EWB’s Incubator teams in Toronto.

EWB invests in Ventures working in 5 portfolio areas: small and growing businesses that drive social good, adaptive public services that are responsive to citizens’ needs, food systems that are resilient and support livelihoods, engineering leadership for the 21st century, and socially responsible mining. A Junior Fellowship placement can take place with any Venture in any one of these portfolios.


Here is how it works

Pre-placement Preparation

  • 5-months of personal and placement-based preparation to develop the necessary background skills and knowledge in development, systems-thinking, social justice and Venture strategy through the Junior Fellowship Foundation Learning curriculum.

Venture Placement

  • From May to August, Fellows will carry out their work assignment with management and support from EWB’s Venture/Incubator Staff.

Chapter Leadership

  • Upon completion of the work assignment at the end of August, Junior Fellows are expected to go forth to take on leadership roles at their local university chapter.
  • They’ll share their learning about the complexity of development and of creating systemic change, and invest in chapter members and future Fellows to develop their understanding on the change-making process.


Important Dates

What When
Applications open 27-Sept-2016
Applications close 14-Oct-2016
Interviews start 24-Oct-2016
Interviews end 04-Nov-2016


After the first round of interviews, the top 2 candidates will be selected to attend interviews with EWB Canada’s National Office. One candidate will then be selected as the EWB McMaster Chapter’s Junior Fellow and will be matched to interviews with select ventures and teams. The dates for these interviews are listed below:


What When
National Office interviews start 07-Nov-2016
National Office interviews end 11-Nov-2016
Venture  interviews start 28-Nov-2016
Venture  interviews end 09-Dec-2016

If you have any questions during the process please contact mac@ewb.ca or any of the EWB execs!

Applicants must:

  • Fill out the application form found under the Apply Now! section found above. (Junior Fellowship > Apply Now!)
  • Send your resume to mac@ewb.ca with the subject title “First Last Name_McMaster University_Application 2016”.



If you have any questions during the process please contact nightis@mcmaster.ca (2016 Junior Fellow) or any of the EWB execs!