Advocacy – What is it?

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy seeks to change Canadian government institutions, laws, and policies that perpetuate global poverty.

Our Vision: Canadian and African governments, institutions, and people working in partnership to unlock human potential and accelerate sustainable global development.

There are two areas that Advocacy focuses on:

  1. Reforming Canada’s development assistance, towards effectively supporting countries in moving beyond aid to inclusive and sustainable self-sufficiency, and the end of extreme poverty.
  2. Strengthening Canadian leadership towards responsible mining in Africa, to help African countries harness the potential of the natural resources in order to foster sustainable and inclusive development.

We work towards our vision through four interrelated approaches:

  1. Mobilizing citizens across Canada to learn about critical issues, speak out, and take action.
  2. Building non-partisan relationships with Canadian politicians and policy makers to ensure that our government works towards making a positive global impact.
  3. Cultivating goal-oriented partnerships with and between the civil society, government, and business to create a diverse groups calling for change.
  4. Evaluating and sharing the impact of our advocacy work.






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